Dory Ferraro, MS, CS, ANP
Long Island Bariatric Center

Obesity is on the rise, and so is the number of weight loss surgeries performed annually. Now, there's a safer, simpler approach to surgical weight loss with a procedure called adjustable gastric banding. Performed through thumbnail-sized incisions, it's actually 10 times safer than gastric bypass. During this outpatient surgery, a silicone LAP-BAND® is placed around the top of the stomach. This band is adjustable and, if necessary, removable. Patients typically lose half or more of their excess weight following this surgery. Serious complications following LAP-BAND® surgery are rare. Problems that have occurred in less than 5 percent of patients include slippage or erosion of the band and infection. If you are seriously overweight and have been unsuccessful with other weight loss methods, LAP-BAND® may be appropriate for you.

650 Wantagh Ave., Levittown
516-579-0094 •

The Diet Shop

If you're watching your calories, fat, carbs, sugar or gluten, learn all about the offerings at The Diet Shop of Ronkonkoma. Health-conscious consumers will find a variety of foods to accommodate numerous diets. Products you won't find anywhere else, says Diet Shop owner, Marilyn Bruno. “Variety is the spice of life,” she says. “Following a particular diet shouldn't have to mean sacrificing choice and quality.” Tasting Before You Buy. “Sampling is exceptionally important with 'diet' food products. I want people to enjoy their purchases.” Friendly, Personalized Service. “Come in and tell me what you need. I'll do my best to be sure your needs are met.” Regardless of your particular dietary requirements, you're sure to find plenty to get excited about at The Diet Shop.

600-16 Portion Rd., Ronkonkoma
631-981-0882 •

Evolution Fitness Systems

Is your goal running marathons? Fitting into your clothes? Climbing stairs effortlessly? Each person's motivation to start or enhance a routine is unique; no one program fits all. That's why the experts at Evolution Fitness Systems (EFS) specialize in Functional Training, a personalized program that enables you to achieve success by addressing your body type, current fitness level and desired outcome. With Functional Training, you'll gain strength, endurance, flexibility and balance while losing fat. EFS's Functional Training method gives you the freedom to choose techniques you enjoy most, such as core training, free weights, biking, bodyweight exercises, yoga and more. This custom approach makes your workout effective and fun! Co-owners Michael Taff and Scott Beltzer, who have been serving Long Island's fitness community since 1991, are dedicated to your success

631-553-6202 (Western Suffolk)
516-238-8938 (Nassau)

Dr. Frederic J. Vagnini's Heart, Diabetes & Weight Loss Centers

After 25 years as a heart surgeon, Dr. Frederic Vagnini noticed that a large percentage of his heart patients had weight problems and were either diabetic or had an underlying insulin resistance. So 15 years ago he turned his focus from repairing damaged hearts to preventing them, with a comprehensive program of clinical nutrition, preventive medicine and anti-aging therapies aimed at reducing cardio-metabolic risk. Today, his books have been on the New York Times bestseller list and he's a noted radio personality. His cardio-nutrition programs include the right diet, exercise, stress reduction, and nutritional therapies. Bio-identical hormone therapy and other women's health treatments, as well as hormone therapy for men, are also offered at his center in Westbury and another one in Manhattan on Park Avenue.

1600 Stewart Ave., Westbury
516-222-2288 •

Supreme Blends

With the hectic lifestyles we lead today, it's harder than ever to get the nutrition that's essential for our health and well-being. Supreme Blends in East Islip has the answer, and it's as mouth-watering as it is healthy. The friendly staff loves to whip up more than 50 custom-made protein shakes and smoothies, all featuring organic fruits, vegetables, soy protein and more. Supreme Blends, open seven days a week, also offers a tasty line of wraps and salads, including everything from organic turkey to Alaskan salmon. To satisfy your sweet tooth, Supreme Blends carries frozen Tofutti and other healthy snacks. For a big energy boost, try a fresh-squeezed shot of wheat grass, or bring home a high-protein energy shake from Spiru-Tein. Kids sizes offered too!

71 West Main St., East Islip
631-277-5404 •

Research Testing Laboratories
Weight Loss/Satiety Clinical Trials

Research Testing Laboratories (RTL) is a clinical testing facility with a half-century of experience conducting clinical trials run by trained medical professionals. Frequently, healthy volunteers are needed to participate in studies testing the safety and /or effectiveness of weight loss and satiation products. Individuals who qualify receive physical assessments and study related products at no cost. Why should you get involved? Volunteers can gain access to promising new prescription and over-the-counter drugs and products long before they are approved for use in the marketplace. Free exams, ECGs, X-rays and blood tests are also included as a participant in the program. Additionally, all volunteers are paid for their participation. Please call for information on upcoming studies, go to or look for our advertisement in Newsday.

127 Old Cutter Mill Rd., Great Neck,
Huntington - 631-421-2260

Lighten Up • Alicia Watins

“I believe there are many excellent diets out there, but you can't stay on any of them forever,” says holistic health counselor Alicia Watins. “The way we eat should be part of an overall healthy way of life.” Watins offers counseling on how to incorporate nutritional soundness and overall health into your life. That's why one-on-one counseling sessions include techniques for behavior modification and lifestyle changes along with advice on nutrition. “We talk about your lifestyle, your family, your kids, your work, the choices you make,” she explains. “This keeps everything real for you. When you need to run into the supermarket after work and make a healthy meal for your whole family — something they will all eat — that's what it means to keep things real.”

St. James, Long Island • 631-584-6194

Get Healthy America

If you are looking for personal service in a caring environment and foods that support most diet plans — or if you just want to eat healthy — Get Healthy America is the store for you. Get Healthy America is a small, independent, specialty food store carrying all the diet products you need in convenient packaging, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and scrumptious snacks. They carry an extensive line of products including “point-friendly,” low calorie, sugar free, low fat and gluten free foods. Try store owner Debbie Cohen's line of portion-controlled Get Healthy America kosher meals. Choices include starch-free blintzes, vegetable soufflés, chicken cacciatore, eggplant rollatini, turkey meatloaf, penne pasta with meat sauce, and for dessert - low calorie ice cream truffle pops. Stop by for a sample today.

148 Manetto Hill Rd., Plainview

Woman's Domain Health and Fitness Club

You'll eat while you lose weight on Adele's Get Fit Weight Loss Program, offered exclusively at Woman's Domain. Adele, the owner of the 12,000-square-foot full-service gym just for women, developed the program after experiencing her own problems losing weight. Now, clients include heart patients, diabetics, and people with hypothyroid, all of whom have quickly shed the pounds and feel healthier and more energetic than ever before. And clients report they have kept the weight off. The program includes a unique, medically sound diet. It is guaranteed to work, even if you've had trouble losing weight in the past. Seminars three times a week, a one-on-one diet consultation with Adele, coaching and tracking your progress are all part of the Get Fit Weight Loss Program.

382 West Old Country Rd., Hicksville
516- 681-5879 •

Diet Center of Albertson
Diet Center of the Five Towns
Diet Center of Hicksville

Diet Center has been helping people lose weight for more than 33 years. A complete approach to weight loss is achieved through three distinct programs and personalized one-on-one counseling. At the core of each program is a line of exclusive chewable supplements that have helped millions of clients curb their hunger and stabilize blood sugar levels. The 24-Hour Thermogenic Diet is the most aggressive, and enables weight loss up to 10 to 15 pounds in just 21 days. Instant Shape-Up takes the guesswork out of losing weight with a plan that includes delicious meal replacement bars and shakes, combined with one sensible meal a day. Exclusively You, helps you make healthy food choices based on your own food preferences. Call for your complimentary consultation.

864 Willis Ave., Albertson • 516-747-4260
30 Mill Rd., Suite U16, Hewlett •516-569-9130
120 Bethpage Rd., Suite 203, Hicksville • 516-942-8446

Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center

The Gershwind/Jacobson Sports & Fitness Center is a fitness center within a community center. This unique combination creates an opportunity to offer programs that cater to all people at all the stages of their lives. A highly qualified staff does what it takes to make all these programs successful. In the fitness center, personal training is available one-on-one and in small groups. Fitness forums present interactive talks on topics such as healthy cooking and travel workouts. In the pool and also in the fitness center, there are programs for people of all ages and for children and teens with special needs. Two new programs are weight management for children and diabetes management for adults, using a combination of exercise and nutrition.

300 Forest Drive, East Hills
516-484-1545 •

Splendor Medi-Spa

Have you ever looked in the mirror and screamed? Ever wonder when it was that you developed those love handles, cellulite and wrinkles, and how in the world you can improve your appearance without having surgery? Well, the answer is simple - Splendor Medi-Spa is now here to help you with all your needs. Splendor is a comprehensive anti-aging, cellulite and weight loss medical spa owned and operated by board-certified family physician Dr. Thomas G. O'Brien II. What makes Splendor Medi-Spa so different? The intimate setting, the one-on-one attention through an in-depth, personalized consultation, and the results achieved demonstrate how Splendor is one step up from all the rest. And unlike some other medical spas, Dr. O'Brien performs all medical procedures, such as Botox and Mesotherapy to ensure your safety.

294 East Jericho Tpke., Huntington
631-424-0406 •


HealthBridge is one of Metropolitan New York's most renowned healthcare facilities. David G. Edelson, M.D., FACP founded HealthBridge, on the philosophy that optimal health can only be achieved through early disease detection and prevention combined with a comprehensive approach that addresses all areas of an individual's health. Dr. Edelson is a nationally recognized leader in weight management and preventative medicine, and is among the most highly regarded experts in his fields. As one of the nation's only 300 Board Certified physician experts in Bariatric Medicine, the specialty of medical weight loss, his HealthBridge Medical Weight Management Program has achieved remarkable success for people of all ages. The program utilizes customized medical therapies coupled with permanent lifestyle modifications to restore normal body composition and improve overall health.

1165 Northern Blvd., Suite 300, Manhasset
516-627-4433 •

Sala Classical Ballet & Performing Arts Studio

Have you ever watched a ballet performance and dreamed of being a dancer? It's not too late. You can learn the discipline, posture and movement of professional dancers at the Sala Classical Ballet & Performing Arts Studio, where dance is also a fitness tool. In a multidisciplinary artistic environment, you will work out your body using ballet techniques. The owner and instructor, Adriana Sala-Mascari, is a graduate of the prestigious Boitsov Classical Ballet School & Co. in Chicago, Ill. She danced professionally in ballets such as Spectre de la Rose, Fountain of Bakchisarai and Pinocchio under the artistic direction of Mme. Elizabeth Boitsov. Everyone is welcome at Sala - from beginners and children to dance professionals. Belly dancing and yoga class are offered by guest teachers.

275 S. Wellwood Ave., Lindenhurst

Patricia Williams-Schlitz

The best business in the world is a monopoly. It's the market condition that exists when there is only one seller … when there is exclusive control over a commodity or service in a particular market ... where for the customer there is no one but you. The best monopoly is the one that you own. Our monopoly is a real-life business where ordinary people can earn extraordinary income. We take advantage of both patent protection and market positioning. We are a 23-year old company, traded on the New York Stock Exchange with a 5A1 D&B rating, operating in 45 countries. Join us. To learn more, contact Patricia Williams-Schlitz at 631-827-4614;

631-827-4614 •

New York Institute of Hypnosis

Smoking kills! At one time or another, you've thought of stopping smoking. If now is the time, then call New York Institute of Hypnosis. You will stop smoking in one hour - if you really want to. That's their guarantee. Since 1992, NYIH's solution-oriented approach has successfully empowered more than 2,000 smokers like you to become a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker. NYIH specializes in smoking cessation and personal success coaching. NYIH offers individual private sessions in a professional relaxing environment. NYIH utilizes concise and creative programs along with advanced hypnosis techniques to control your stress, empower you and help you feel the most relaxed you've felt in years. To start feeling better about yourself and your life, become a non-smoker by calling today, 866-906-0096.

95A E. Main St., Huntington
866-906-0096 •

Fitness Together

Are you frustrated by a lack of results when it comes to exercise and diet? Get a new start with private, customized, one-on-one sessions with a fitness trainer at Fitness Together, the personal training arm of an international wellness company. No crowded gyms there. No waiting for equipment. No distractions. Each session is conducted in one of their private training suites to give you the best in personal training. Whether your goals include weight loss, weight management, body fat reduction, muscle tone, increased flexibility, cardiovascular health or an increase in muscle mass, they have an individualized program for you. Programs offer unique personalized fitness training for men and women ranging from 15 to 80 years of age. Fitness Together's motto is “One client, One trainer, One goal.”

395 D Ft. Salonga Rd., Northport
888-421-9520 •

Saf-T-Swim Swimming Instruction Centers

Water safety can never start too soon. Unlike other athletic activities, the ability to swim saves lives. Youngsters involved in aquatic sports benefit physically, socially and mentally. Saf-T-Swim, as the name implies, is dedicated to making aquatic sports and activities safe for people of all ages. The instructors are fully certified, make learning fun, and have an innate love and concern for kids. Saf-T-Swim teaches kids how to “think” around water. Swimming is a year-round sport! All pools are heated to a comfortable 90 degrees, making Saf-T-Swim a year-round activity. Saf-T-Swim, New York's #1 swim school with 7 convenient locations throughout Long Island: Bohemia, Commack, Coram, East Meadow, Westbury, Riverhead & Deer Park. Parents! Make water safety your number one priority! Saf-T-Swim.

866-SAFE-SWIM • 866-723-3794 •
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